Environmental Legal Team

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Environmental Legal Team

The Environmental Legal Team (ELT) of the University of Siena is a dedicated team of legal experts specialized in International and European Environmental Law and Policy.
ELT has its headquarters at the University of Siena and a branch at the Venice International University (VIU), mainly focused on postgraduate trainings and capacity building.

ELT conducts research, carries out projects and provides legal assistance to both public and private entities in the following areas:

The Environmental Legal Team provides legal assistance to the Italian Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea in the implementation of several Multilateral Environmental Agreements as well as EU environmental policy and regulation. In particular, ELT, through its international network of local experts, facilitates the Ministry's work to harmonize Balkan countries' environmental policy and law with European Union legislation.

The Environmental Legal Team offers legal trainings in all of its areas of expertise to both private and public organizations.

ELT actively contributes to the activities performed by the interdisciplinary research group Regulation for Sustainability (R4S).
ELT cooperates for research and high level education with world-class institutes and universities, such as the Venice International University (VIU), the University College London (UCL) and Tsinghua University (Beijing, China).

Moreover, through its Director, the ELT participates to the activities of the Avosetta Group, an association of distinguished European environmental lawyers that advices European Union's and Member States' institutions in the development of environmental policy and legislation.